Hailing from Indiana - Hair and Makeup artist to the stars, Vanessa Price is a force to be reckoned with.  Armed with a wicked sense of humor, bohemian rock esthetic, and her Kasho Millennium Shears, Vanessa has created and transformed the looks of some of today’s most high profile artists.

While vacationing with family and contemplating Graduate School, a magazine article on People with Cool Jobs caught her attention…and with that she was off to Cali to study hair at the Vidal Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica.

When she has a rare day off from creating Justin Bieber’s look, Vanessa works on commercials, music videos and with other musical legends such as the Foo Fighters and Morrissey.  Vanessa’s also been developing her own unique product line which will she hopes to dazzle the globe with in the near future.

Vanessa has a degree in Psychology, loves to sew, and makes a mean martini.  She draws constant inspiration from the teenagers in her Los Angeles neighborhood.  She became a Hair artist because hair is an art medium that is constantly changing, evolving, and moving… and it always grows back.

© Vanessa Rose Price.
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